Phil Escott

Health/lifestyle consultant, eight-year carnivore and drummer Phil Escott got chronically ill as a vegetarian, and his body revolted with psoriatic arthritis and other autoimmune conditions in 2010, leaving him unable to move without severe pain, let alone drum or exercise, and he had to throw out all his existing “expertise” and start from scratch.

Phil’s eventual combination of a carnivore diet with EMF and artificial light avoidance, cold thermogenesis and a range of other health enhancing practices reversed the “incurable” diseases that he suffered from.

His book “Arthritis, The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me” gained a foreword by Dr. Jack Kruse and has become an Amazon Kindle bestseller and is now available in print.

Phil talks from personal experience about contemporary lifestyle and diet choices, disconnects from our ancestral heritage, emotional balancing and the simple but often misunderstood nature of spiritual awakening.

He now consults with clients worldwide helping them to reverse their metabolic and autoimmune issues and runs The Big Fat Challenge with Ben Hunt as his main project.

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“The Pure and Simple Truth is Rarely Pure and Never Simple” Oscar Wilde