Mark Attwood

Mark Attwood hosts the podcast “The Mark Attwood Show: Adventures in a Meat Suit”. He’s been speaking out against the New World Order for many years since his awakening started back in 1989 after he resigned from the RAF.
During COVID his work as a poet gained international recognition and he toured the United States in 2022 as the only British representative to speak at all 17 venues in 30 days on Truth Tour 2. His show has been banned multiple times on multiple online platforms but he remains an “Apolocaloptimist” believing that this is a Spiritual War, that the human race and Gaia are ascending into higher dimensions and that those of us “awake” chose to come here on a rescue mission.
His humor, irreverence and lack of fear are his main weapons against the demonic forces that want the most of us dead, and he is 100% sure of a positive outcome for humanity and the Universe at large.
Either that or we’re all dead, so you wouldn’t miss him anyway. His poetry collection “God Wins: Spiritual War Poetry 2020-22” is only available on for anyone that needs a book so heavy it doubles up as a weapon on their coffee table.

“The Pure and Simple Truth is Rarely Pure and Never Simple” Oscar Wilde


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