Ian Jarvis

Ian has a degree in “Computing Science” and 30 years’ experience of IT work plus 25 of Body Therapy.
From 2011, he has volunteered for several months each year in a clinic in Bhopal, India with the survivors and children of the 1984 chemical leak disaster. Since retiring in 2000, one of his focuses has been the rise and rise of RFR (radio frequency radiation, aka EMF) and associated ‘devices’ both industrial and domestic.
He got his first mobile internet in 2004 when living on a canal boat. With his Body Therapy hat, knowing this was not good for people – or for plants and animals – he started giving presentations some years ago, to a “deaf” audience. Noticing the acceleration of 5G during lockdown, without significant consultation or testing, he has upped his game to resist the growth of land-based communications structures. Ian says: “I will not risk existence for a faster video download!”
Now he has spoken in some 40 towns and cities around the UK from Totnes to Aberdeen, Bangor to Ashford in person plus some online, the Wold Council for Health and the People’s Health Alliance included.
He has addressed a town meeting in Shaftesbury, tye “Net Zero Debate” in Glastonbury and for the Glastonbury Symposium. Recently he was interviews by Richard Vobes https://youtu.be/ZHkyjRS7wTw

“The Pure and Simple Truth is Rarely Pure and Never Simple” Oscar Wilde

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